» SANTIS has been committed to sustainable development since its creation in 1990. Its approach is sustainable development integrating the entire value chain. An approach which objective is to combine economic performance, respect for the environment and social responsibility.


» As a producer of natural ingredients, we are aware of our responsibility for the environment around us and the need to preserve it for future generations. Thus, SANTIS is firmly committed to sustainable development and responsible commerce, involving its customers and suppliers. This commitment is reflected in a thorough examination of our practices and methods, repeatedly in a spirit of continuous improvement, and the display of eco-conscious, eco-responsible products on the market.

» For illustration, SANTIS products are certified organic by ECOCERT, and that all its industrial waste is reworked and reused as compost with its farmers network.


» Our natural ingredients are the result of hard, assiduous work based on a confirmed experience- men and women always ready to give the best of themselves to meet customer satisfaction.

» For generations, these people know the environment and use these raw materials of which they have ancestral knowledge. Today they have taken over SANTIS project, providing its products with a unique touch and know-how.

» Conscious of the nature of the relationship that exists between SANTIS, its employees and its environment, managers have found it is important to make social issues, economic and ecological factors of priority.

» It is in this sense that SANTIS:
- Provides financial and logistical support to its cooperatives partners located in rural areas.
- Offers free training for members of its cooperatives partners, especially women's.
- Actively participate in the development of rural areas by creating jobs, training, encouraging the creation and development of micro-enterprises at the local level by supporting young entrepreneurs; especially, women who are the breadwinners of their families.
- SANTIS is a member of Sedex and audited by SMETA.